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Darian Writes is a blog-style newsletter where you will encounter a multivalent mix of poetry, photography, and other forms of nascent image or text. This is a space for me to explore, put out work in progress, share creative updates, and engage with readers around common resonance.

Whether you want to keep up with my creative goings-on, or you just like to receive some art in your inbox every now or then, this substack is just for you ; )

A little bit about myself . . .

I am an artist and writer living in Toronto. I have lifetime roots in this region, the Great Lakes basin, as well as ancestral ties to the Caspian Sea basin, specifically with the province of Gilan, Iran. As someone who likes to move across borders, I tend to think about land by its relation to water.

My art mainly takes the form of poetry and photography, though I also love to experiment with textile dyes and rug-making.

Before I became an artist, I studied geography and urban planning and spent a lot of my time community organizing. As you’ll see, my creative practice still has a lot to do with place, culture, and relationality. I find it much more satisfying to explore these ideas through poetic methods than through those I was equipped with in school.

As I get serious about my life as a poet and artist, this substack is a space for me to experiment. “Experiment” — from the French “expérimenter,” meaning, “to try / to test.” In a big way, this substack is a test.

that’s me! ^^^

Some housekeeping . . .

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to all my posts at darianwrites.substack.com and receive new posts direct to your inbox. With the intention of keeping this a low-stakes way for me to share, there’s no perks to a paid subscription except for the fact that it’s really really nice.

Head to darianrazdar.info to see more of my work, to darianrazdar.info/shop to find pieces for sale, and connect with me via email at dmrazdar@gmail.com or on Instagram at @raz.daram ~~

Until then, happy reading!

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Darian Razdar writes, reads, wonders, wanders and shares pieces with a community of readers and friends.


Darian Razdar is a writer and artist.